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Gamification World Awards

The Gamification World Awards (GWA) will honor the most outstanding gamification projects of the year and their creators. Awarded by an international Jury, the main goal is to encourage the various agencies/promoters/companies to share their projects in the Gamification World Map. In addition, they are meant to become an annual meeting point for the gamification industry, where the best projects of the year can be recognized.

The Gamification World Awards Party will be held during the Gamification World Congress in Barcelona. The categories for Gamification Awards 2014 are:

  • Gamification Project 2014
  • Gamification & Innovation 2014
  • Gamification Guru 2014 (awarded by Leaderboarded)

The international jury is composed by well known gamification experts such as:

  • Mario Herger (Enterprise Gamification Consultancy)
  • Andrzej Marczewski (Capgemini)
  • Sergio Jimenez (Game On Lab!)
  • Yu-kai Chou  (Enterprise Gamification Consultancy)

Gamification World Awards 2014: Nominees

After a hard reviewing process of more than 60 gamification projects from all around the world, the team behind the Gamification World Map and our international jury, has decided to nominee 3 gamification projects in each category of the Gamification World Awards:

  • Best Gamification Project
    • Recycle Bank
    • Waze
    • Family Team
  • Most Innovative Project
    • Duolingo
    • Reality Drop
    • Sony Evolution UI

The awards ceremony will be held on the after-party of Gamification 2014, on May 23. In the awards ceremony, Leaderboarded will also provide the awards to the top 3 gamification gurus. Come to the Gamification World Congress to discover the winners of the 1st edition of the Gamification World Awards!

photo by Moyan Brenn