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Actionbound is an app for creating digital scavenger hunts by means of installing digital content in the physical world.

Players are invited to accomplish tasks, which can be defined through the so-called Bound-Creator on the website, in order to playfully discover their environment by learning more about its history, politics and culture.

The content is filled in by the users making actual surroundings a backdrop for the game. We call these interactive mobile rallies “Bounds”, essentially a collection of diverse tasks, e.g., taking pictures, dancing, playing a game etc., linked to a specific location.

The program quite literally augments our reality by enhancing peoples’ real-life interaction whilst using their smart phones and tablets. Apart from the altruistic goal of helping people to discover “their environment by learning more about its history, politics and culture”, the free app is payable for corporate clients, who can use Actionbound for team-building events, as an Assessment for Learning tool and the likes.

Project Information

Project Images

Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, Learning-Training, Social Relationships-Family, Altruism-Solidarity, Innovation-Creativity, Marketing-Sales, Branding-Customer Loyalty, Impressions-Content Creation, Tourism-Culture, Leisure-Entertainment
  • Platforms: Web Platform, Mobile App, Real World, Physical, Corporal
  • Components: Team, Social Network, Points, Real Prizes, Leaderboards, Achievements, Badges, Levels, Missions, Progress Bar, Countdown

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Simon Zwick
  • Address: Schillerpromenade 31 12049 berlin

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