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BLUErabbit is a gamified learning enhancer used to transform traditional classes into great adventures. It's a platform that makes a class FEEL like a game, not turn it into one.

The goal of BLUErabbit is to offer the world a platform to gamify classes. It's known that in Education there are two different parts to gamify: one is the system you use to keep track of the data and another is the curriculum of your classes. BLUErabbit intends to link both of them. It offers a platform that uses several game mechanics and allows the teacher to add his/her curriculum in any way they want.

Gamification IS needed in education. We are looking to transform teaching into an environment that allows safe failure, avoids perfection and increases engagement and interest. We want people to be excited about their classes and with BLUErabbit we are making it easier for all the teachers.

Thanks to the system the students involved (currently 420) have increased in 300% the amount of projects submitted to the class and work a lot faster than before. The teacher becomes a guide instead of a boss telling and yelling what to do. The system is NOT intended to replace the teacher and it's not by any means an e-Learning platform. It empowers teachers and students and makes them responsible for their education. And the teacher develops content that the students of this age are willing to play with.

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Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, Learning-Training, High Performance-Productivity, Empowerment-Good Governance, Innovation-Creativity
  • Platforms: Web Platform
  • Components: Points, Virtual Currency, Virtual Goods, Achievements, Badges, Levels, Missions, Progress Bar, Countdown

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