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CTF365 (Capture The Flag 365)

With so many enterprises being breached by hackers lately and the explosion of IoT (Internet of Things), it’s clear that SMEs, Corporations and Government Agencies need to find more effective information security training solutions for their employees. With the help of specially designed security testing and training labs, this is something that can be easily achieved.

New concepts based on gamification and inspired by the Internet, guided by capture the flag (CTF) competitions, and specially crafted for the ITC industry should be the new approach. Robust Security Training Platforms where users and teams can train and improve their offensive or defensive security skills and flexible enough to be used as add-on layer or standalone solution to improve your organization’s core security training capabilities.

This is CTF365. A top notch Security Training Platform for IT industry with a focus on Security Professionals, System Administrators and Web Developers that offers five stars services.

The Platform implements CTF (Capture The Flag) concepts and leverage gamification mechanics to improve retention rate and speed up the learning/training curve when comes to Information Security

Project Information

Project Images

Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, Learning-Training, Innovation-Creativity, Marketing-Sales, Branding-Customer Loyalty
  • Platforms: Web Platform, Mobile App, Real World, Physical, Corporal
  • Components: Avatars, Team, Social Network, Points, Virtual Goods, Real Prizes, Leaderboards, Achievements, Badges, Levels

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Marius Corici
  • Address: 35 Nicolae Titulescu, Cluj Napoca, CJ, 400407

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