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In the Land of Kroilon

In the Land of Kroilon is the Gamification product of the Novabase Academy.
The academy is an internship of 2 weeks with all our new graduates recently hired. The program exists since 2006, 3 to 5 sessions per year, but now is gamified.
In the Land of Kroilon was the theme found to embody 2 weeks that have a case study, teambuilding activities, soft skills presentations, etc.. The players (aproximatly 40 per session/game) travel within a fortress map, through several rooms, achieving goals and unlocking different adventures every day.
The final battle with the wizzard Diaz Krez is fought in the last day when the players have to deliver the final result of a 2 week training.

Project Information

Project Images

Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, Learning-Training, High Performance-Productivity, Social Relationships-Family
  • Platforms: Real World, Physical, Corporal
  • Components: Avatars, Team, Social Network, Points, Real Prizes, Leaderboards, Achievements, Badges, Levels, Missions, Progress Bar

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Pedro Crespo
  • Address: Avenida D. Joao II, 34, 1998-031 Lisboa

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