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Just SOLD OUT Platform has been developed and performs TCM El Logo. A gamification project for theatres and event management

JustSoldOUT is a gamification platform 100% Mobile oriented. Its allow each gamer to become a community manager and promote products or events during a campaign (time period) . Platform allows gamers to share information through Facebook, Twitter, Whatapp, mail, and whatever is in your share option mobile. Motivates player visits for check-in and QR-scans at places, download apps, video watching, and or web visits. Quiz or external challeges (for example game completion) can be added easily. Everything at your pocket 24×7 for you to promote.

Platform Increase competition through "real " rewards. Main objetive is that messages and marketing campaign become viral and you gamer your best promoter at a low cost. JustSOLD OUT keep loyalty through a general ranking and exclusive rewards.

Platform provide leads, geolocalization, social information, sharing information (links betwenn players) to the companies. Allows to growth an army of comunity managers for your enterprise.

Project Information

Project Images

Gamification Design

  • Goals: Marketing-Sales, Branding-Customer Loyalty, Tourism-Culture, Leisure-Entertainment
  • Platforms: Mobile App
  • Components: Social Network, Points, Real Prizes, Leaderboards, Achievements

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Pedro Arques
  • Address: condes de barcelona, 5 30007 murcia spain

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