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kGoal a revolutionary smart Kegel exerciser

kGoal is a ground-breaking interactive training system (device + free app) for female pelvic floor exercise that provides real-time tactile biofeedback and the ability to guide your workout, track your performance, and make Kegel exercises fun. It's like having a gym, personal trainer, and tracking system all in the palm of your hand.

The device is inserted into the vagina and measures the strength and duration of pelvic floor muscle contractions and also provides tactile biofeedback to indicate whether the exercises are being performed correctly. In addition, its unique and flexible Squeeze Pillow design offers 360 degree sensing and can be adjusted in size to fit a wide range of anatomies.

Via the app, the user can guide their workouts using dynamic algorithms developed by our team of experts and track their performance to see progress over time and quantify their fitness.

However, most importantly, the app also enables users to turn their exercise into a game. While doing research to develop the product, the biggest issue we heard from doctors, physiotherapists, and users was that Kegel exercises were extremely boring, and that is why many people don’t do them as much as they should. Making exercise into a game is a tremendously powerful way to address this problem.

Our app currently has two games: Moving Target and Shape Shift.

Moving Target is quite simple - the user just has to squeeze their pelvic floor muscles harder or softer to track a moving target measurement. The target will jump up and down rapidly (to work on quick-twitch muscle response), jump up and remain high (to work on muscle strength and endurance) and move around randomly (to work on muscle motor control).

In Shape Shift, a series of shapes move across the screen the user has to open a set of gates with their pelvic floor muscles to let the shapes through. The harder the user squeezes, the wider the gates open, and they get extra points for having the gates open just barely wide enough to let the shape through (working on muscle motor control). Wide shapes work on muscle strength and long shapes work on muscle endurance. And, the game is set up into 30 second rounds (20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest) - the user starts at Level 1 and, if they succeed in the first round, move on to Level 2 (where the shapes are harder and come more quickly.

Overall, we have seen that turning the exercise into a game drastically improves exercise compliance, which in turn has a huge impact on muscle performance. After 6 weeks of doing at least three 5-minute workouts per week, our average user has improved their pelvic floor muscle strength by 28%, their muscle endurance by 72% and their muscle control by 17%.

Pelvic floor fitness is a critical part of overall health but has long been ignored - with kGoal, users finally have a great tool to help them manage this key part of the body.

Project Information

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Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement
  • Platforms: Mobile App
  • Components: Points, Achievements, Levels

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Minna life team
  • Address: 2325 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

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