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The goal of the Klant-a-gotchi platform is to increase Aegon employees' awareness of the end customer (users of Aegon products) in a fun and engaging way. Klant-a-gotchi is a contraction of the Dutch word for customer and the classic Japanese game Tamagotchi.

When first accessing the platform each user creates a Klant-a-gotchi, a virtual representation of an Aegon customer. Each Klant-a-gotchi is built by an employee who gets to decide the sex, age, family and housing situations. Furthermore by completing a personality test, they ensure that each Klant-a-gotchi is unique but relevant. Responsibility for the Klant-a-gotchi is then assigned to a colleague.

The creator of a Klant-a-gotchi acts as Customer. The employee who receives responsibility for the Klant-a-gotchi acts as Customer Manager. Customer managers and Customers interact with each other through the platform. This challenges the Customer Managers to keep the Customers satisfied.

A Klant-a-gotchi’s satisfaction is measured by its mood, represented as a point system. The employee earns emotion points by performing actions in the platform:

- asking and answering questions
- resolving event puzzles

Employees are also assigned in teams that participate in friendly competition with one another by comparing the collective average scores of the employees in each team.

Employees and/or Teams who perform well have the chance to earn physical rewards. To commemorate general accomplishments, the employee can also receive digital achievements for certain efforts, actions, and happenings in Klant-a-gotchi as well as initiatives to improve customer service.

Project Information

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Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, Learning-Training
  • Platforms: Web Platform
  • Components: Avatars, Team, Achievements, Missions

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