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Loquiz is a mobile game platform that enables creating your own indoor and outdoor adventure games, photo and scavenger hunts. Games are built online and played on smart devices.

It helps event professionals, team building trainers, schools and outdoor adventure companies to create their own engaging games for people with less workload.

Core purpose is to get people to interact with each other and surroundings. Tech is not the cause but rather a tool to make through gamification engagement with event more fun.

Main benefits are flexibility and ease of editing and running games. Combining existing questions with a few client or event-specific ones offers an option to create and conduct games within minutes. No lengthy process using old methods (paper, printing out questions, pen, gps, maps, setting up the track physically on landscape or dividing printed out material to audience for game).
When conducting the game Loquiz allows event planner to get an overview during the game of teams’ progress on landscape. And in the end to see final game results - instantly - to announce the winning team.

Loquiz has different game types to build on. These have different logic- from simple quiz and outdoor freeflow movement game to brainwork-inducing strategy games and scavenger hunts.

It’s also easy to engagemultiple users on account or outside contributors. Players can collaborate and insert questions for an upcoming event without seeing other content.

Robust app is easy to use even with temporary lack of internet connectivity; it is easy to continue the game on another device if needed.

Project Information

Project Images

Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, Learning-Training, Tourism-Culture, Leisure-Entertainment
  • Platforms: Web Platform, Mobile App, Real World, Physical, Corporal
  • Components: Points, Leaderboards, Progress Bar, Dice

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Eric Hints
  • Address: Leiva 3, Tallinn, Estonia

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