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Sector 6 Gamification System!

As a second year teach I saw that my students needed a little extra push to help get them engaged in the subject of history. As a Video-Gamer myself I knew the power that video games can have to motivate people to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. Therefore as a High School history teacher I decided to add the Gamification concept to my class. The main goals of the project to introduce collaboration and competition into my classroom in a fun way. By doing this I hoped that students would become more engaged in the content and want to study the topics more outside of the classroom. Since I implemented the Sector 6 system 2 years ago I have seen a huge increase in the interest level my students have with the subject. They attack every project, task, or goal with energy as they know they are working towards a common goals and will be rewarded for their hard work. It truly has helped transform my class into an experience!

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Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement
  • Platforms: Web Platform, Board Game, Real World, Physical, Corporal
  • Components: Avatars, Team, Social Network, Points, Virtual Currency, Virtual Goods, Real Prizes, Achievements, Badges, Levels, Missions, Progress Bar

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