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Embutidos Martinez is a leading Spanish food processor which belongs to a corporation with more than 2800 employees

Embutidos Martinez faced major problems with their employee training initiatives: inflexible scheduling, production stoppages and lackluster competency rates. Their employees didn’t seem to adequately digest the course materials. These problems ultimately increased costs, which led to little return on investment.

Smartgame is an e-learning solution that applies gamification to promote more effective learning and to better achieve desired training outcomes.
In Smartgame, users acquire different power stones that contain unique powers by completing different training courses. Each power stone is broken up into smaller piece. Each piece represents an individual unit of a course. Users have to complete every unit of a given course in order to collect all the pieces needed to obtain a power stone.
Once users complete a full training course and obtain a power stone, they can then use their newly attained power to duel against their co-workers by completing rapidfire course-related multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions. Users can form teams and compete against other teams to ascend to the top of the rankings, earn rewards and publicly display their mastery over any given subject.

Flexibility: Online courses allow users to learn and train at their own pace, anywhere with an internet connection.
Adaptability: Course content can be segmented, customized and tailored to any user profile, including, but not limited to, a user’s specific department, role, and location.
Simplicity: Simple UX design
Effectiveness: Visually aesthetic and user-friendly course interfaces enhance employee retention of course materials.
Duels and competitions facilitate employee recall of course materials.
Team-Building: The ability to form teams and compete against other teams improve collaboration and teamwork among employees.
Efficiency: Push notifications provide instantaneous communication, reminders, and feedback throughout all levels of the company.

Platform Login Rate - 99.4 % of 500 employees have logged onto the platform
Active Participation - In the first month, 14K duels have taken place in one month.
In the first 48 hours, 3479 duels took place.
Completion Rate - 84.8 % of employees have completed both courses offered.
In Week 1, 35% of employees had completed both courses.
By Week 2, one-half (50%) of the employees had completed both courses.
Mastery - Over 93,6% of employees have attained subject matter mastery in at least one course.
All the knowledge learnt has been implemented thanks to the emergency drills done, which have proven its efficiency.
Smartgame has opened to us a world of possibilities to interact with our new players: the employees.

“Smartgame is a new way to learn. When I’m playing, I feel like I digest information better.”
“Smartgame’s not your typical classroom course. It actually made the learning experience enjoyable for me. I’ve been able to learn so much more about my co-workers by duelling with them.
“I showed Smartgame to my friends and they were quite surprised. They had never heard of this kind of system. None of them had ever taken part in a training course that was like playing a game.”
“Smartgame is my vice. I even went as far as to develop my own strategies to beat my colleagues.”
“Smartgame is more fun than your traditional training courses. It was also nice taking the courses from home”
“Smartgame is very simple game. I learned gradually and at my own pace, which made learning feel more comfortable and natural.”

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Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, Learning-Training, Social Relationships-Family
  • Platforms: Web Platform
  • Components: Avatars, Team, Points, Real Prizes, Leaderboards, Progress Bar

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