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Our goal is to empower the world Volunteer community and provide motivation for them to do even more to make the world a better place.

A Stanford study recently showed that 30% of volunteers in the United States will come out once and then never return resulting in a lost workforce for the non-profit community of $38 billion annually. The primary reasons they don't return are 1) They don’t feel their work is appreciated and 2) They don't feel their work makes a difference and 3) Their skills are not being matched to the projects they are placed on.

Gamification is the perfect solution to this problem as in an industry where you cannot pay, promote or even fire employees it is crying out for an innovative form of motivation. By acknowledging the individuals social sacrifice, enabling them to share their volunteering on Facebook and LinkedIn and leveraging business partnerships to offer rewards to the volunteer community, Velping empowers them by clearly demonstrating their value and ensuring it is recognized. Not only that but Velping provides the volunteer community with a voice where they can rate their non-profit in the same way as they might rate a service on trip advisor meaning great non-profits will get even more support. Most of all we aim to change the dynamic between non-profits and volunteers to give more power to the volunteer to see and influence the difference they are making with their friends and colleges.

In the future people wont just help, they will Velp!

Project Information

  • Project Website:
  • Release Date: 4th January, 2016
  • Category:
  • Sector: Human health and social work activities

Project Images

Gamification Design

  • Goals: Participation-Engagement, High Performance-Productivity, Altruism-Solidarity, Empowerment-Good Governance
  • Platforms: Web Platform, Mobile App, Real World, Physical, Corporal
  • Components: Avatars, Team, Social Network, Points, Virtual Goods, Real Prizes, Leaderboards, Achievements, Badges, Levels, Missions, Progress Bar

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Warren Batt
  • Address: Plaza de Espana 13,1A

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