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Submit your Gamification Project

The Gamification World Map  is a library where you can register your gamification work so we can admire it and give due recognition. You can find more information about the Gamification Worl Map presentation and goals here

You can complete the form if the project you are going to register meets the following conditions.

  • The project you are going to register has been published
  • You are the author or have permission to publish the information about the project
  • You have the information of your project in English.

To register your project, you need to:

  1. Register as user at Gamification World Map
  2. Confirm your account (a verification email will be sent to verify your account)
  3. Login at Gamification World Map web using your account
  4. At the left menu, choose Projects->Add Project and include all the information we ask for each project
  5. Submit your project for review, using the “Submit for review” button that is at the top-right